Wayfinding the T-Kartor way

How T-Kartor would go about creating a wayfinding system for your city

White paper

Legible London Wayfinding white paper

This white paper provides an in-depth study behind the scenes of Legible London wayfinding including it’s ambitions, results and success factors.


Transformative wayfinding from London, New York and Toronto

Join us for a detailed examination of success stories from London, New York and Toronto to examine common best practice standards.


Wayfinding mapping and landmark illustrations guide

Landmark building illustrations are important features of City Wayfinding maps. This guide helps with some of the decisions to be made when implementing a system.


Wayfinding outputs guide

The purpose of this guide is to help city authorities design and implement a world-class City Wayfinding scheme. Including examples from some of the most successful systems worldwide.


Anatomy of a City Wayfinding sign guide

A guide to the components of a best practice pedestrian wayfinding map sign, with references to T-Kartor’s best known city customers.


City wayfinding cartographic design principles

This guide describes the cartographic design principles behind a City Wayfinding basemap, in order to encourage walking, cycling and public transport.

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