Core CW system
Walkability / Urban realm

City Wayfinding essentials

What is City Wayfinding and why is it of such high value?

Case studies

Legible London map audit – 3000 signs

T-Kartor just completed the biggest ever audit of Legible London maps

Core CW system

Managing the world’s best City Wayfinding systems

Management and governance of City Wayfinding systems should be better planned from the outset.

Case studies

It’s time to stop hiding the network

The transport map must be front and centre once again.

Case studies

Barbican – no longer a nightmare to navigate

Barbican used to be a nightmare to navigate. Not any more thanks to Legible London.

Case studies
Wayfinding applications

Many products, one basemap

5 diverse products by tailoring City Wayfinding basemaps to emerging needs

Case studies

Legible London supports TfL mobility strategies

A look at the many benefits and added value that Legible London has provided Transport for London

Case studies

Understanding Legible London evolution and expansion

Legible London’s core basemap acted as a catalyst for a proliferation of creative information products

Case studies

Wayfinding stimulates the tourist economy

Destination Cleveland implemented wayfinding to attract visitors and stimulate the tourist economy

Core CW system

OpenStreetMap for city wayfinding

OpenStreetMap – free data for creating City Wayfinding basemaps

Core CW system

6 reasons you should choose a GIS for your City Wayfinding system

The most successful City Wayfinding systems in the world are maintained in a GIS. Should yours be?

Core CW system

Managing costs in wayfinding

How Legible London was made possible “with budget shortages and a time crunch … extremely tough to meet”

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