City Wayfinding is part of
Core CW system

Managing costs in wayfinding

How Legible London was made possible “with budget shortages and a time crunch … extremely tough to meet”

Core CW system

Smart maintenance of City Wayfinding systems

Up-to-date wayfinding maps build trust. This requires smart maintenance plans

Walkability / Urban realm

In praise of public spaces

The POLIS 2020 conference calls for reallocation of public space in the wake of COVID19. Wayfinding can play an important role.

Walkability / Urban realm

City Wayfinding, cause and effect & the Benefit/Cost Ratio

Qualitative arguments need to complement a BCR as not everything can be translated into monetary values

Case studies

Building a business case for City Wayfinding

Building a business case for introducing a City Wayfinding system? This list of many possible returns on investment (ROI) may be useful.

Case studies

The origins of legible City Wayfinding

Cities made ‘legible’ through City Wayfinding – thanks to Kevin Lynch in the 1960s

Core CW system

A system for maximising the impact of wayfinding

City Wayfinding maps help create a culture of walking and cycling in the city. The Cost-Benefit Ratio will be greatly improved with a comprehensive system.

Wayfinding applications

GIS sidewalk analysis to manage social distancing

COVID-19 social distancing requires sidewalks wider than 2m. City Wayfinding systems based on GIS can help analysis, planning and informing the public

Walkability / Urban realm

A new mobility culture after COVID-19

Cities are using COVID-19 emergency measures to reclaim the streets for walking and cycling. City Wayfinding gives them a headstart in creating a new mobility culture.

Wayfinding applications

Wayfinding by GPS alone is making us anti-social

A new study sheds light on the risk of letting people get by with their phone for navigation rather than providing good wayfinding information. 

Walkability / Urban realm

A workshop on Wayfinding concepts at Walk21

We were privileged to host a workshop on wayfinding at the Walk21 conference in Rotterdam

Wayfinding applications

Five things TfL should do with its new cycling database

After completing a huge exercise in data collection, can TfL now find an effective use that will effect change for cyclists in the capital?

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