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Case studies

Barbican – no longer a nightmare to navigate

Barbican used to be a nightmare to navigate. Not any more thanks to Legible London.

Case studies
Wayfinding applications

Many products, one basemap

5 diverse products by tailoring City Wayfinding basemaps to emerging needs

Case studies

Legible London supports TfL mobility strategies

A look at the many benefits and added value that Legible London has provided Transport for London

Case studies

Understanding Legible London evolution and expansion

Legible London’s core basemap acted as a catalyst for a proliferation of creative information products

Case studies

Wayfinding stimulates the tourist economy

Destination Cleveland implemented wayfinding to attract visitors and stimulate the tourist economy

Case studies

Building a business case for City Wayfinding

Building a business case for introducing a City Wayfinding system? This list of many possible returns on investment (ROI) may be useful.

Case studies

The origins of legible City Wayfinding

Cities made ’legible’ through City Wayfinding – thanks to Kevin Lynch in the 1960s

Case studies

Maps and the City

Pedestrians rejoice! The City of London is rolling out two hundred Legible London signs

Case studies

Designing New York City’s brand of wayfinding

Few city wayfinding systems embrace the existing city brand as much as WalkNYC. Designer Hamish Smyth explains how this was achieved.

Case studies

Toronto wayfinding Benefit/Cost Analysis

We look at a useful ROI evaluation method used for Toronto wayfinding

Case studies

Amsterdam: Wayfinding in the city of walking and cycling

Amsterdam could benefit from a coordinated and consistent approach to wayfinding

Case studies

Wayfinding animation fun

Using animation to explain the benefits of city wayfinding

Case studies

Legible Leeds

The city of Leeds capitalised on intensive city development to expand its wayfinding system in equivalent stages.

Case studies

Legible London 10th anniversary

Happy 10th Birthday to arguably the most influential city wayfinding system

Case studies

Best features of city wayfinding

Common features found on successful city wayfinding

Case studies

City wayfinding as a brand of information

Why highlighting a city’s character can make for a better map

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