Case studies
Wayfinding applications

Many products, one basemap

5 diverse products by tailoring City Wayfinding basemaps to emerging needs

Wayfinding applications

GIS sidewalk analysis to manage social distancing

COVID-19 social distancing requires sidewalks wider than 2m. City Wayfinding systems based on GIS can help analysis, planning and informing the public

Wayfinding applications

Wayfinding by GPS alone is making us anti-social

A new study sheds light on the risk of letting people get by with their phone for navigation rather than providing good wayfinding information. 

Wayfinding applications

Five things TfL should do with its new cycling database

After completing a huge exercise in data collection, can TfL now find an effective use that will effect change for cyclists in the capital?

Wayfinding applications

A killer transport app to rule them all

A new app encompasses journey planning and ticketing for the whole of Berlin’s mobility network

Wayfinding applications

The future of digital wayfinding

Google are testing the future of digital wayfinding. But does it satisfy a need?

Wayfinding applications

Wayfinding for the Olympic Games

How London 2012 wayfinding contributed to the most successful Olympic Games ever

Wayfinding applications

Cycle Superhighways change culture of cycling

A film by STREETFILMS shows the success of Cycle Superhighways and we talk about the wayfinding

Wayfinding applications

Gothia Cup – events wayfinding

Sweden’s Gothia Cup is the world’s largest youth football tournament. Wayfinding for sporting events can contribute so much.

Wayfinding applications

Cycle Wayfinding to convert the masses

Journey planning apps for cyclists preach to the converted. To convert the masses to cycling try a broader approach to cycle wayfinding

Wayfinding applications

Data for the cycling revolution

A closer look at the data required for good cycle wayfinding

Wayfinding applications

How does Legible London hold up in the digital future?

A report from TfL investigates Legible London in terms of a digital future.

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