Seamless Cleveland city wayfinding signs


Destination Cleveland


Destination Cleveland is the Convention and Visitors Bureau for Cleveland, Ohio, USA. Their mission is to drive economic impact and stimulate community vitality for Greater Cleveland through leisure and business travel. With more than 16 million visitors annually, their City Wayfinding system helps travellers to figure out what to see, do and eat, and how to get there.

Applied Wayfinding developed a masterplan in 2013 to create a positive welcome, connect  parts of the city and tap into Cleveland’s rejuvenated appeal and brand. Prototypes, testing and systemisation was followed by implementation of a street sign system, transit integration, airport connections and an online mapping tool; all devised to deliver seamless journeys.


T-Kartor took over the management and maintenance of Seamless Cleveland Wayfinding in 2019, bringing the system onto our City Wayfinding platform. This allows the production team to ingest source data from multiple agencies, and to maintain the integrity and consistency of the map database across the whole city. It supports automated graphic extracts at multiple scales and with variations in styling, to assist production of a wide range of on-street and printed products.

T-Kartor provide Destination Cleveland with an online content management portal to keep track of both the mapping database and the full catalogue of wayfinding products. This keeps the centralised map data asset in sync with all customer-facing information, ensuring accurate, updated maps which is so important to maintain trust in the system.

T-Kartor now produce and maintain the full range of mapping products, and in the coming few years Destination Cleveland aim to update signage on a regular basis, and to expand into new areas of the city, increasing the reach of the city’s wayfinding information.


  • Seamless City Wayfinding basemap across the whole city in a range of different map scales
  • More than 100 on-street map-based wayfinding signs
  • 10-15 printed publications, refreshed annually
  • Bespoke conference maps


Seamless Cleveland wayfinding maps
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