City Wayfinding is part of

T-Kartor City Wayfinding platform: LLAMA
LLAMA helps you manage the complexities of planning, implementing and managing your City Wayfinding. LLAMA distills T-Kartor’s experience from a decade of managing the world’s largest City Wayfinding systems to guide you through the necessary steps. LLAMA’s geographic overview helps you plan everything from product roll-out to maintenance.


Grow support, collate and
manage stakeholder input
and public feedback


Plan, visualise and organise
system roll-out, automate
your production workflow


Intersect basemap changes
and sign frames to plan your
maintenance updates

Case studies

City wayfinding as a brand of information

Why highlighting a city’s character can make for a better map

Case studies

Barbican – no longer a nightmare to navigate

Barbican used to be a nightmare to navigate. Not any more thanks to Legible London.

Wayfinding applications

Wayfinding by GPS alone is making us anti-social

A new study sheds light on the risk of letting people get by with their phone for navigation rather than providing good wayfinding information. 

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