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City Wayfinding that supports your city’s sustainable mobility initiatives

Why City Wayfinding

City Wayfinding helps create a culture of walking and cycling, connecting seamlessly with public transport options.

Improves connectivity between public spaces and public transport.

Reduces congestion by encouraging sustainable active travel.

Promotes walking as the primary transport mode and increases footfall.

Publicises improvements to the public realm and transport infrastructure.

Walkability / Urban realm

Making walking and cycling part of transport planning

Cycling and walking can now be properly integrated into transport planning, thanks to this three year EU-funded project.

Case studies

Toronto wayfinding Benefit/Cost Analysis

We look at a useful ROI evaluation method used for Toronto wayfinding

Walkability / Urban realm

City pedestrian zones and their effect on business

Local businesses often balk at plans to ban cars on their local streets. They must be convinced that their fears are misplaced

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