T-Kartor City Wayfinding for a connected city

We provide a data driven approach to City wayfinding. This means taking care of all the city’s wayfinding information needs, helping people understand the transport network, encouraging active journeys on foot or by bike and giving people the confidence to explore.


Grow support, collate and
manage stakeholder input
and public feedback


Plan, visualise and organise
system roll-out, automate
your production workflow


Intersect basemap changes
and sign frames to plan your
maintenance updates

Core CW system

Creating London’s iconic 3D buildings

The designer of Legible London mapping’s 3D buildings talks about their cognitive effects

Case studies

Barbican – no longer a nightmare to navigate

Barbican used to be a nightmare to navigate. Not any more thanks to Legible London.

Case studies

It’s time to stop hiding the network

The transport map must be front and centre once again.

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A selection of useful guides to learn more about how to implement successful wayfinding systems.

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